Sunday, April 3, 2011

Well, we just got back from Mexico, the three of us. And I have to say that Clark is the best traveler I've ever met. Lets start from the beginning. Julieta and Clark left for Mexico on March 5th, 2011, leaving me here by myself for the next two weeks. How she was going to be able to handle all the luggage and the baby in the airport and all of the security checkpoints and everything else involved with international travel, we didn't know. But she wanted to go and so she did. We had to leave the house by 2:00 that a.m., and so Julieta and I ended up not going to bed at all. Clark did however. As it came time to leave, I went and woke him up. He acted like he knew what was going on because instead of crying and being cranky, he was very excited. So we drove the two hours to the airport and I dropped them off. I waited inside with them until they had to go to their gate. Clark had fallen asleep on the way up and was still asleep in his stroller when they had to go. She called me when she got to the gate and sent me a picture of Clark, and I drove away from the airport. I had to pick up some suits from a store there, but it didn't open till 10 that morning, so I pulled over at the nearest motel and crawled in the back of my Tahoe for some free wifi and shut eye (an old Drake-team road trip secret)

Clark has never been one for loud noises or commotion, so I was a little worried about how he would handle it there in Mexico City, but apparently he did amazingly well. After the first day, he got over his uneasiness and loved it there. The kids all did great with him and his aunts and uncles and Grandma just ate him up. I can't say who was more spoiled while there, him or us. I don't think we fed him or changed him or even carried him once.

This is Clark with his Uncle Miguel
Clark and the crazy lady
Julieta celebrated her birthday while there.
Clark with his cousins Miguel and Fernando

This was us getting ready to do the zip line
Clark playing with his rattles
This is our family dropping us off at the airport
They loved that baby!

This is us on the plane home. Clark literally slept from the time we took off until about 3 hours after we landed. That's what I mean when I say he's the best traveler.
When he finally did wake up in the airport on the way to the shuttle (yes, we had to spend the night in Atlanta to catch our flight the next morning) he was hungry. Luckily, he's fairly independent. We couldn't have fed him because we had all of our hands full of luggage and what not. But he took care of it for us.
After some smooth talking, I convinced the airline to comp us a room there in Atlanta and so we headed to a motel for what was left of the night. Clark was a trooper. I was worried that after all that sleep he'd gotten that day, that he wouldn't be able to sleep that night. Was I ever wrong. We changed him and fed him and he went right down for the whole night. We go up the next morning and caught a shuttle back to the airport for the trip home. He also slept during that whole flight, and most of the way home.

We've experienced a data loss on one of our hard drives and so as soon as I can recover the pictures I'll post some more from the trip.

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  1. i love all the pictures! clark looks so cute with his cousins - they love him! i miss you guys! be home at Christmas!!